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Xperience Bunso-Eco Park and Tini Waterfall

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Bunso Eco Park

Bunso Eco Park is one of the exciting places you can go on adventures, have picnics, and chill out. The place has more than 600 kinds of trees that people use for medicine.

Bunso Eco Park, which is not far from Accra, has a mix of different kinds of forests and plants. The Plant Genetic Resources Center of Bunso studies plants there. At Bunso eco park, you can see over 110 kinds of birds, 30 kinds of butterflies, and a garden with more than 40 kinds of herbs.

The forest has special trees like Garcinia Kola, also called Twepea, which people believe can help with health problems. People in tropical places often use Garcinia kola to fight sickness because it has things in it that can fight germs and reduce swelling.

There are also other special trees at Bunso, like Okure, which people often use to make boats, and the Alpha and Omega trees, which are used to make local sponges.

Activities to do at the Bunso Eco Park

At the Bunso Eco Park, you can do lots of fun stuff, like walk on a high path in the trees, ride a zipline, play in a kids’ area, visit a horse ranch, and grab snacks. Bunso Eco Park is one of the coolest parks in Ghana, perfect for hiking and riding horses. Plus, there are other cool things to see in history.

1. Tree-top canopy walkway

This canopy walkway is the second tallest one, right after the one in Kakum. when walking on ropes high up in the forest! You’ll see lots of different trees from way up there.

2. Children’s playground/walkway

The park has a children-friendly park that brings out the adventure in children

3. Butterfly/Bird Sanctuary

Bunso Eco-Park is home to many different kinds of butterflies and birds. The best time to see them is in the morning, before 8 a.m. You can see many different butterflies when you walk through the forest in the park. Sometimes, you might even spot some birds too.

4. Horse-riding

The park has two new horses you can ride. These horses are trained well to keep everyone safe and happy. Visitors are offered the opportunity to ride the horses around the park

5. Zipline

This zipline is the second-biggest one for business in West Africa. Lots of people around here didn’t know how exciting ziplining can be, but now they’re happy to try it.

Feel your heart race as you zoom down the brand-new 50-meter-long zipline. What makes it special is that you get on and off using a walkway made of ropes that hang in the air.

  • You also get to experience waterfall swim at Tini Waterfall


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